Sunday, August 12, 2012

Savage Sunsets by Adrian C. Louis

Hey Tavern fans--after a bit of a slow summer, we're now headlong into several exciting projects. William Stafford's Winterward and Nelly's Sachs's Glowing Enigmas are currently in the editing stages. Also in the mix are books by Adrian C. Louis, Eunice Odio, Charles Olson, David Wevill, and Greta Wrolstad, among others. Tavern Books author Adrian C. Louis's new full-length collection, Savage Sunsets, is forthcoming from the good folks at West End Press. Here's a link to a great video trailer supporting the publication of Savage Sunsets. A handful of poems from Louis's forthcoming book appear in his Tavern title, Archeology. As we've said a thousand times, we think Adrian C. Louis is one of the essential living American poets. Join us in celebrating his new book!