Friday, April 1, 2011

Support indie print culture--underwrite a Tavern title!

A few months ago Tavern author Paul Merchant (translator of Yannis Ritsos's Twelve Poems About Cavafy) asked us if he could underwrite the publication of Charles Simic's Prodigy. We were delighted! As a thank-you we printed the note "This edition of Prodigy was generously underwritten by Paul Merchant" on the inside flap. This has now turned into a bit of a tradition at the press. David Wevill is underwriting our forthcoming Zubair Ahmed title, Ashulia; Joseph Millar and Dorianne Laux are underwriting Peter Everwine's translation of Natan Zach's The Countries We Live In; and Matthew Dickman and Britta Ameel are underwriting Greta Wrolstad's forthcoming book, Notes on Sea & Shore.

If you're interested in underwriting a title, please contact us for more info: If you would like to support the press, but only have the few crumpled dollars you pulled out of your Levi's before doing the laundry, then you can donate ANY amount, no matter how small, via the secure donation button on our website. Everyone at the press works for free. We run Tavern Books out of our love for print culture, poetry in translation, and the revival of out-of-print works. It's been our rule from the get-go that each and every penny we get will go exclusively and entirely into the printing costs of our books.

Cheers, and continued thanks for your support!