Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Drive going strong!

Over the past few months, Tavern Books has been gathering poetry books and distributing them to some of  Oregon's more remote, underfunded, and small public libraries. Since we got the ball rolling on this project we've placed well over 1,000 books in libraries across the state.

Of course, we couldn't be doing this without all of the incredible support we've received from individuals, publishers, and institutions. Just this week we received 2 boxes of amazing poetry books in pristine shape from Lannan Foundation.

And we're just getting started. As this program continues to develop, we will add another page to our website with a list of libraries that are participating in our program, as well as a list of all the good folks who have donated books, time, and money to this very worthwhile cause.

We want everyone to have access to poetry books, no matter where they live or how small their local public libraries may be.

Click here for more information about this project. And remember, no donation is too small. Every book and every dollar counts.

Cheers, and heartfelt thanks to those who have supported this book drive with the gift of books and financial donations.