Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tavern Pick for 2012

Enough with the best of 2011 lists and all those New Year's resolutions you'll never keep! Why not bring in 2012 by looking back to Tavern author Adrian C. Louis's 2004 collection Evil Corn (Ellis Press). There's nothing we love more than a new Adrian C. Louis book. And there's nothing we love more than an old Adrian C. Louis book. The poems in Evil Corn are unflinching, unrelenting, uncompromising, and heartbreaking--and, they're tempered with a sense of humor that is uncomfortably scathing and self interrogating. What emerges is a collection of prose poems that are as deeply moving as they are fierce and didactic. Later this year Tavern Books will be reprinting two of Louis's poetry collections, Fire Water World and Among the Dog Eaters, in one volume.

"Wild, sometimes foolish, sometimes poignant, often cartoony and sporadically brilliant. There's nothing politically correct about Adrian C. Louis."  --The New York Times Book Review

Happy New Year!