Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good for the brain!

Just wanted to pass along this great snapshot from one of the Tavern faithful, Dr. Mike Wynn, a neurologist working in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Wynn keeps his waiting room stocked with a rotating selection of Tavern Books titles! Pictured here is Ashulia by Zubair Ahmed, Casual Ties by David Wevill, and Buson: Haiku by Yosa Buson. How cool is that!?

We have many things cooking at Tavern Books: our website has been redesigned and expanded (with more features in the works); our Poetry State program is going gangbusters, and our forthcoming series, The Host Pint , is just about to be launched.

In other news--23 Sandy Gallery and Tavern board member Gabe Boehmer recently hosted a wonderful fundraiser for Tavern Books. Many thanks to 23 Sandy and Gabe for a special event! For you Portlanders, be sure to head down to 23 Sandy Gallery and check out their new exhibit, INKED. Among the great work there is a piece by Rory Sparks of Em Space. Rory is an insanely talented printer and book artist, and she's also binding a run of Tavern titles into hardcover. Waoh, do they look amazing!

Stay tuned, and happy reading.