Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Honest Pint

Tavern Books is pleased to announce its forthcoming subscription series, The Honest Pint, which will be edited by Matthew Dickman. Here's how it works: each month, subscribers will receive a brief prose piece written by a contemporary poet celebrating the work of another poet. Each piece will be uniquely printed and accompanied by exciting ephemera. Nothing digital about it. This analog-era throwback is all about paper, ink, and a poet’s brain. The monthly Honest Pint will take many shapes: traditional essay, cross-genre experiment, cartoon strip, hand-written note, a brief interview—you name it! The purpose of this series is to connect the diverse landscape of contemporary poets to the reading public in a casual, meaningful, and unexpected way. We'll offer subscriptions starting in December, and will mail out the first honest print in January 2013. We have many exciting authors lined up for this project, including Albert Goldbarth and Diane Wakoski. Also in the works is the Tavern Books iPhone app. Check back soon!